Brightening Mask

Brightening Mask

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Illuminates, lightens hyperpigmentation, balances, tones, and stimulates collagen.

USAGE: Mix 1 TBSP of the mask with 1 TBSP of honey (1 tsp. Brightening Serum is an optional booster). Add a little toner or water if needed. Apply to cleansed face, neck, and decollete. Leave on 20 minutes. Rinse well, pat dry, and follow with the Brightening serum and/or salve.

INGREDIENTS: Calendula Petals, Grapeseed Powder. Kaolin Clay Powder, Raw Sugar, Vitamin C Crystals. Essential Oils of Bergamot, Jasmine Extract, Lime, Parsley, Tonic, Violet Flower Extract. 

For external use only.

8 oz. 100% Natural.