Intro to Willow Light, Founder & Formulator of Willow-ish

Willow Light - Bio. 
I offer you my services as a Holistic Wellness Practitioner. With 29 years of personal study gleaned
from diverse healing modalities and professional work as a nutritional therapist, esthetician, body
worker, herbalist and spa owner, I have gathered extensive learnings from my daily life's work and
practice. I now feel called to offer my skills and experience in assistance to others seeking support in
their own healing processes. I believe that optimum health, vitality and balance are easily obtainable
for each of us and it brings me great joy to share and give back in service to my community the
wisdom, support and learning I have been gifted with in my own life.
In my personal practice I offer a customized Holistic Wellness Consultation...the initial step in a
carefully designed health plan that takes an in depth look at rebalancing your body's systems. The
consultation and follow-up therapies will include skincare, nutrition, spiritual well-being and energy
work. I focus on correcting system imbalances/ weaknesses in order to nurture your body and bring it
back to it's purest essence...your unique, healthiest 'best'. As part of an ongoing wellness regime,
body systems will be regularly assessed and supported with plant supplements, tinctures and adjunct
therapies as needed. Most of the allies I rely on to support you on your path are plant based: tried
and true herbal remedies, Bach Flower Essences and the purest essential oils available. To
complement these tools and resources I offer professional skin and body care services. and most
importantly, the healing power of touch. After each health consultation I will also suggest life style
modification changes to help you move forward and keep you solidly on your path toward optimum
Some of the services & modalities I offer that can be incorporated into your personal Holistic Wellness
As a Certified Nutritional Therapist Practitioner (NTP), I offer nutritional support to assist in finding a
nourishing balance for your unique constitution, with a focus on properly absorbing nutrients,
incorporating healthy fats and other dietary change into your regime, supporting the immune system,
and most importantly improving digestion. I also offer grocery shopping assistance, to simplify and
support you in this part of the process, if that is helpful.
As an herbalist, I offer custom tincture formulating, tea blending and personalized skin & body care
product formulation. As founder of the former Spa Willamina, a unique and acclaimed dayspa with a
focus on natural beauty, I developed and now offer a full line of plant-based medicinal skin and body
care products to meet all of your ever-changing needs.
As an Esthetician and body care specialist, basic waxing and other body care services as needed into your care and consultation
Beginning the process to your physical and mental health can be overwhelming. However,
recognizing and helping to implement the necessary changes to manage stress, detoxify the body,
meditate, focus energy, eat well, exercise and prioritize your health and wellness is what I do best.
Whether your goal is to decrease dependence on prescribed medication, to aid in fertility, to improve
mental health, to gain or lose weight...there are natural solutions to support you in your quest for a
more well-balanced lifestyle and good health. One of the most important areas I focus on is that of stress reduction as the key to improving general
health and vitality. Allow me to share with you new tools to help reduce your daily stress levels
measurably. Together we can incorporate relaxation exercises and positive habits into your daily
regime which will result in replenished energy and a deep sense of renewal.
Working together, we will come up with a realistic plan that addresses your whole being, allowing you
the opportunity to truly have it all; genuine holistic wellness, well-being and vitality. My goal is to help
you to achieve this, with plenty of energy and reserves left for your family, your career and your
personal dreams and life aspirations.
A 2-hour Wellness Consultation
An Aromatherapy foot soak & meditative relaxation treatment
A pot of custom-blended tea
It would be an honor to partner with you in your quest for whole body wellness. Together, we can and
will change your health, your body, your life.
Peace. Love. Gratitude
Willow Light