Willamina is the Rose of Urban Outfitters Lifestyle Store

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Inside the new Urban Outfitters that flirts with the Garment District border; Photo by Driely S.for Racked


Urban Outfitters looks to the Northwest for inspiration to help launch its new flagship Lifestyle Store in Herald Square New York.

In January 2014 Willow Light, founder and CEO of Willamina Modern Apothecary received an email from the head buyer at Urban Outfitters inviting her company to become part of the launch of its new groundbreaking retail store in Herald Square called Urban Outfitters Lifestyle Store.

The Lifestyle Store is a 57,000 square foot shopper's heaven highlighting trend setting fashion artists from throughout the USA.

Each artisan line is featured within its own beautifully accessorized mini-boutique set along side one of a kind American Made vintage products including record players, Levis and immersed within a Urban Outfitters lifestyle environment, including a restaurant, dj booth, rooftop garden and "indoor camping" site. 

"I was so excited I couldn't believe it when I got the email from Urban Outfitters," says Willow. "I was really shocked and to be quite honest . . . flattered. I was also frankly amazed by how well Pinterest works! They picked up our line in January of 2014 and exactly 6 months later I was in New York hanging out with their head buyer doing lunch in Herald Square!"

This week marks Urban Outfitter's fourth reorder from Willamina Modern Apothecary. "They decided to focus on our whole Rose skin care lineup which includes our Rose Bath Soak, Rose Body Balm, and Rose Mask", says Willow. "The special thing that they recognized about the Rose lineup is that we don't use chemicals to synthesize rose essence like most skincare companies do. We use authentic Rose Damask Absolute.
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"In fact it literally takes a dump truck load of rose petals  to create one single ounce of Rose Absolute. So Urban Outfitters recognized the quality of our Rose skin care line and the artisan craftsmanship of our product and they have been gobbling it up ever since. In fact the head buyer is crazy addicted to our Rose Mask".

Urban Outfitters also sent out a photographer to the Willamina Modern Apothecary studio in June and published a blog about Willow Light and the history of her company. This article can be found on the Urban Outfitters website. Click this link to read the Willamina / Urban Outfitters blog feature.

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